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A status update and release date

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3 September 2018

Around 40 days ago we started to work on the brand new chapter of the Charlie and Donny show. For the people who are new here, the Charlie and Donny show is a light-hearted photo-cut-out web series. The very first episode originated in 2004 and after nearly 15 years we are working on a new one. It has been a blast so far! And we would like to keep you up to date by sharing the results so far, enjoy!


On 28 July we finished the script. It was surprising how easy and natural it felt to work on a new episode again after nearly 15 years. With just a couple of hours we finished the first draft of the script!

Script draft, check ☑️ #webseries #scriptwriting #gettingthere

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13 August we finished our storyboard and script and turned it into an animated storyboard to evaluate the flow, the jokes and all-round quality of the work so far.

So what are we doing currently?

Currently we are tweaking all dialogues and designing all the scenes of the episode. We are also preparing this weekends photoshoot. With these photos we can start animating the scenes and the characters and add audio to it (such as music, effects and the voice over recordings).

Release date and a little preview

We are confident that we will be releasing the episode this fall (around November) and a trailer in a couple of weeks. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date, because we won’t be using this website for weekly updates.

Until then we’ve got this little preview for you: